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Dan, the founding shareholder, has practiced law in Silicon Valley since 1977. The Firm’s practice is limited to regulatory law, government contract law and international trade law matters. Dan has received the prestigious “Silicon Valley Service Provider of the Year” award as voted by the most influential attorneys in Silicon Valley.


He has represented large companies doing business around the world including Google, Facebook, Twitter, Dell, Honeywell, Mozilla, Square, Ebay, Dropbox, Western Digital, Fitbit, EPRI, among others.


He has worked on the massive US Government SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) project as well as FOEKE (worldwide nuclear plant design certification), the Olympic Games, the first Obama town hall worldwide webinar, among other leading worldwide projects.


Dan has lectured to the World Trade Association, has taught law for UCLA, Santa Clara University Law School and their MBA program, and has lectured to the NPMA at Stanford University. Dan has lectured to various National and regional attorney associations about Government contract and international law matters. Dan has provided input to the US Government regarding the structure of regulations relating to encryption (cybersecurity). He has been interviewed about international law by the Washington Post, Reuters and other newspapers.


He is the author of four books, one of which was a best seller for the publisher, and of dozens of articles published in periodicals, technical and university journals distributed throughout the world. He serves as an expert witness in United States Federal Court regarding his area of expertise.  

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Phone: (408) 226-4049

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